Course Maps

4 Beautiful Loop Courses

Courses all start at
2829 Townsgate Rd
Westlake Village, CA 91361
(between Westlake Blvd and Lakeview Canyon)

Please click on the links below to see each course map.

NEW Faster 1/2 Marathon Course:



1-Mile Course

Aid Station A By the "PED" on the road at the Mile 2 marker
10K Mile 2
1/2 Mile 2
Aid Station B A little after the Rosebay St & Triunfo Canyon Rd intersection
10K Mile 3.8
1/2 Mile 3.8
Aid Station C By the power pole (at the transition between Fairview Fire Rd and Westlake Edison Rd)
1/2 Mile 5.5 & Mile 9.6
Aid Station D When the runners turn left onto Westlake Edison Rd
1/2 Mile 7.5
Aid Station E When the runners come off the trail and onto Foothill Dr.
1/2 Mile 11
Aid Station F Just before the Sprouts driveway, right after the Westlake Blvd & Agoura Rd intersection
5K Mile 2.02
10K Mile 5.15
1/2 Mile 12.06
Liquid electrolytes (GU Tabs) and GU gels will be available at Aid Station C only for the half marathon. 

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