Whether you are a corporation, an organization or a team, groups of like-minded individuals banding together as a peer to peer fundraising team can make a significant impact in feeding homebound seniors.

The results of this type of fundraising are proving to be powerful and meaningful. When more people get involved in the fundraising team’s campaign as donors or participants, more dollars can be raised. This is a great approach to adding value to your workplace, group, or organization’s culture, engaging others and enjoying the group motivation of helping people in great need.

Getting Started with your Team

Set Goals– Set both a personal and Team goal. Share your goals with your Team members and those you are asking for support. Every contribution will make a difference!!

Start Early– While fundraising goes through February 28, 2021, the earlier you start raising money, the more you will raise. Contact Senior Concerns if you would like to have a speaker attend a meeting or speak with your team.

Ask Everyone– Get everyone involved. Ask others to be involved and compete against each other. If they can’t make a monetary contribution, ask for an in-kind gift that you can use as a Team fundraising incentive or for an opportunity drawing at a Team event.

Do what works for YOU– Select activities that everyone is excited about doing and rely upon your Team’s variety of talent’s to raise money. Hold weekly events to keep employees motivated.

Maximize Your Gift– Research your company’s matching gift policy. Ask your CEO or VPs to match what you raise, get them involved in the competition.

Communicate– Keep your donors and Team members up to date. Let them know how close you are to reaching your goal and how much more needs to be raised. Let them know what their donation can do for our community.

Say Thank You– Thank each person who helps you and your Team reach your goals and let them know that they are helping to make a difference too.

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